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Middleeast valve is the magnificent Check valve manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.  A Single Plate Check Valve, also known as a swing check valve or tilting disc check valve, is a type of valve used in piping systems to allow the flow of fluid in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction. It falls under the category of non-return valves, which means it only allows flow in one direction and automatically closes to prevent reverse flow.

The primary function of a single plate check valve is to ensure the unidirectional flow of fluid in a pipeline. When the fluid flows in the desired direction, the pressure of the fluid pushes the disc open, allowing the fluid to pass through the valve. However, if there is a reversal of flow due to pressure changes or other factors, the disc swings back to its closed position under the influence of gravity and/or spring force. This prevents backflow, which can be crucial for maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the system, preventing contamination, and avoiding damage to equipment or processes.

Middleeast valve is famous for Check valve manufacturers in Saudi Arabia and consists of a hinged disc (plate) that swings or tilts on a hinge pin. The disc is positioned inside the valve body in such a way that it opens freely in the direction of fluid flow and closes quickly to block the flow in the opposite direction.

Here's how a single plate check valve works:

lForward Flow (Open Position): When fluid flows in the desired direction (forward flow), the pressure of the fluid pushes the disc away from its seat. The hinge mechanism allows the disc to swing or tilt freely, creating a clear path for the fluid to pass through the valve.

lReverse Flow (Closed Position): If there's a reversal in flow, such as a drop in pressure or a change in the direction of the fluid, the disc is pushed back against the seat due to the force of gravity and/or a spring mechanism. This seals off the valve, preventing the fluid from flowing backward.

lPreventing Slamming: Some single plate check valves include a spring or counterweight to aid in the prompt closing of the valve and prevent "slamming" of the disc against the valve body, which could cause damage. This helps ensure a smooth and controlled closure.


lSimple design

lLow pressure drop

lLow maintenance

lBackflow prevention

lLow cracking pressure


lWater and wastewater treatment

lOil and gas

lChemical processing


lPower generation

lMining and minerals

lPaper and pulp

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